Porsche St. Paul Winter Hibernation in Maplewood, MN

Keep your Porsche at its top performance all year long.

Extend your Porsche’s life and performance by properly preparing for the season ahead. Drive with confidence no matter the condition, backed by the tire installation and overall maintenance at St. Paul Porsche.

Check your Porsche to prepare for winter:

  • Tire type, condition, and air pressure
  • Antifreeze strength
  • Wiper blades
  • Windshield washer system
  • Battery condition
  • Exterior lighting
  • All-weather floormats and trunk liners

The Benefits:

  • Promote safer travels for you and your family
  • Lessen stress on your winter journeys
  • Extend the life of your stored summer tires
  • Deliver year-round Porsche performance

How to hibernate your Porsche:

  1. Schedule and come in for your Winter Storage Preparation at Porsche Minneapolis, which includes a hibernation kit.
  2. Drive home from Porsche Minneapolis carefully as your tires are over inflated. Avoid bumps, potholes, and sudden maneuvers.
  3. On your way home from Porsche Minneapolis stop at a gas station and:
    1. Add the Stabil from your hibernation kit to your fuel tank.
    2. Fill the tank with fuel.
  4. Park your Porsche in your garage. Do not set the parking brake.
    1. If equipped with a manual transmission, leave the vehicle in 1st gear.
    2. If equipped with automatic transmission, leave the vehicle in Park.
  5. Hook up your battery maintainer or disconnect your battery.
  6. Place supplied pink Styrofoam blocks under the windshield wiper arms, front and rear. Be careful not to set the wiper blades themselves on the blocks as this will damage the rubber edge.
  7. Place supplied steel wool in exhaust tail pipes to prevent foreign objects or animals from entering the exhaust system.
  8. Place supplied desiccant bags in the driver and passenger foot wells.
  9. Close all windows, doors, lids, and convertible tops.
  10. Put on your car cover and wait for spring!

Successful storage:

  1. Be sure your battery maintainer is plugged in correctly and functioning.
  2. Use a car cover on a clean car only. Even a fine layer of dust is enough to damage the paint with a car cover on it.
  3. Make sure all windows, doors, and lids are closed during storage.
  4. Do NOT start the car until you are ready to drive it regularly again.

How to bring your Porsche out of storage:

  1. Make an appointment in advance for spring check-up and detail as needed.
  2. Remove steel wool from the exhaust.
  3. Remove desiccant bags from foot wells and discard them.
  4. Remove Styrofoam blocks from wiper arms and discard them.
  5. Adjust tire pressures back to normal pressure. These are noted in the Owners Manual, driver’s side door jam, or fuel tank filler flap. You can also drive CAREFULLY back to Porsche Minneapolis and have us adjust the pressures for no charge.
  6. Disconnect battery maintainer. Leave nearby for easy use when the vehicle will sit for a few days at a time.
  7. Drive and enjoy it!
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