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Types of Tires for Road and Weather Conditions

Your Porsche is a fine-crafted machine, and keeping up to date with the recommended tires for each season to keep your ride in optimal condition. Owning a Porsche in Maplewood means snow tires are essential to safety, maintaining optimal driving performance, and the added traction, helping reduce the risk of doing damage to your Porsche and yourself, such as understeer, any axle damage or a more serious car accident.

Snow Tires

Snow tires offer confidence while on the road in less optimal conditions, with premium ride quality, reduced noise level, and handling. All-season tires aren’t designed for the winter season but rather built for general use and not tuned specifically for the snow, missing the enhanced traction Snow Tires bring to the table.

Snow Tires use a rubber formulation, staying flexible in sub-freezing temperatures, while all-season tires would turn hard and lose traction in icy or snowy conditions, All-Season aren’t built for a specific use and tend to be less dependable when the weather gets more severe. The softer rubber compound in Snow Tires utilizes sipes (a network of hundreds of hair-thin slits in the tread face) allowing your tires to dig in snow and slush.

Other snow tires options include pre-drilled, allowing easy installation of studs, bringing you enhanced traction. Remember, change your snow tires when temperatures are regularly above 40 degrees, because the softer rubber will quickly wear in warmer weather.

All-Season Tires

Once the cold, icy, and snowy weather subsides, all-season tires are a great option. Producing exceptional traction, overall performance, and reliability in everyday driving situations. Typically you’ll see a “M + S” on All-Season tires, meaning they’re rated for mud and snow, although not recommended for snow more than an inch deep.
Although not optimal for snow, All-Season perform great in the rain. Engineered with grooves to channel water behind the tire’s patch to help avoid hydroplaning. For optimal ride quality, handling, road manners, and noise suppression, all-season tires are a great choice for your everyday drive and most weather conditions.

Tire Storage

Porsche St. Paul can make life easier and less cluttered with tire storage. Keeping your winter and seasonal tire investment safe and easy to change out with professionals on hand. Stored in a climate-controlled facility with no additional charges for exchanges. Store one set of four wheels, tires, or mounted wheels and tires for one year.
Store your winter tires in the summer months and your summer tires in the winter or even your Track day/race tires, keeping both in optimal ready to use condition. Take advantage of the storage service to experience the full Porsche ownership experience and benefits.

Tire Maintenance

Don’t wait till a problem occurs! Be mindful of your tires; think about how your car drives, time between last change, and take the time for the occasional visual check of tread and any suspicious deflation or over inflated areas. Waiting until your tires run bald can be both hazardous and expensive.

Tires aren’t any different than other systems, tires need maintenance too. Take the initiative, inspecting your wheel thoroughly, look at the tire sidewalls, tread face, and overall tires for damage. Don’t just rely on in car sensors, most gas stations and car washes offer air refill stations for tires, make sure to check your ideal tire level and recommendations for each season.

Checking tire inflation once a month and keeping tabs on tread wear can save you time and money in the long-run. To get the best out of your tires, rotate them with every oil change and while there technician will notify you of any pressing concerns or give you a timeframe of your tires lifespan.

No vehicle has 50/50 weight distribution front-to-rear, and weight transfer during braking and cornering puts more stress on front tires. Regular tire rotations mean that tires will wear evenly and improve handling and ride quality.

Flat Tire Assistance is apart of your warranty package, your tires have been designed specifically for your Porsche vehicle. Should a tire lose air, rendering your Porsche vehicle inoperable, there are several options to get you on your way. The Porsche Roadside Assistance professionals will help you determine the best servicing choice for your needs.

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